A-Pro Home Inspection has built-in protection

Our inspection reports, as described by our clients, are simply the best in the business!  Don't settle for that report which provides just the "doom and gloom" of a house you're hopeful to buy?  Don't settle for a document you can't find items quickly in and have then said "What does that mean?  Frightened by the prospect of having your dream home inspected only to find only of list of scary defects and nothing good to say about it? 

You want to know the "good" things about your home, as well as the "not-so-good" things, A-PRO is the right choice for you.  Our approach is unique and provides you a more informed perspective so your decisions are well-founded.

We know your purchase is extremely important - probably one of the biggest decisions of your lifetime.  We understand it's scary to just see a list "defects" of your dream home and then only to wonder "We're buying all these problems and paying how much for them?"  We will provide description and answers to all of your questions.  GUARANTEED!

At A-PRO, we provide a balanced report.  We find the most important items that are major concerns, safety issue, improvements, etc., and yes, we find the little "to-do's" that are important in maintaining a house.  Our certifications require we point out the "positive attributes" of your new home too! 

Take a look at an example of our inspection reports.  They are comprehensive, easy-to-read, balanced, and contain photographs.  Every inspection report contains a Home Maintenance Guide for your future reference!  [First time home buyers love it!]  The guide describes what components are what in your home, how often to maintain them, what to check, and there's even a checklist for year after year use.

Compare them!  No hand-written checklists here!  We simply offer the best around!  If you want your report on CD-Rom, just ask!  It already comes to you as a pdf within 24 hours.


Sample Inspection Report

EDR Neighborhood Environmental Sample Report

Sample Radon Report

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