A-Pro Home Inspection has built-in protection

A-Pro is a leader in the profession since the early 90’s. We first began with high quality inspection services. We then developed and distributed the most comprehensive reporting system on the market that exhibits not only the problems of the home but the positive attributes as well. That was followed by several years of providing classroom training for aspiring home inspection professionals.

For years, Realtors® have been in the habit of recommending several home inspection companies in an effort to reduce their liability should a recommendation ultimately result in a claim. This approach to risk management doesn’t always work. If the home inspection firm they recommend is somehow unqualified, uninsured, or underinsured, they would still be open to referral liability and left defending themselves and their recommendation.

A-Pro® STAMPS OUT Referral Liability..........

We believe it’s our duty to earn your trust and recommendation. But when we do, you can rest easy knowing that we have a program in place to eliminate your risk in referring us. In fact, A-Pro® has not one – but two levels of defense to protect our clients and realtors. First, our inspections are guaranteed for 120-days. Secondly, our independent “CHI™” certified business owners maintain a comprehensive Errors & Omissions Insurance policy that provides coverage for referral sources in the event of a lawsuit for recommending us. The National Association of Realtors and the Canadian Real Estate Association encourage their members to develop an aggressive program of risk management. Our Referral Liability Protection backed guarantee eliminates your risk—making it easy for you to recommend A-Pro®. Give us an opportunity to earn that trust and we’ll work hard to secure it.